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Historical Evolution

The TIEGE resulted from the separation of the two activities that the original company – TIEGE – Os Pioneiros da Electricidade Geral, Lda. owned (Electrical installations and Installations for surface treatment of metals).

In 2004 was created TIEGE and since its inception, the TIEGE specializes in the conception, production and installation of equipments for the metal finish treatment. It has an experience of more than 30 years, with their machines sold not only in Portugal but also in other parts of the world such as Spain, Brazil, Angola, Cabo Verde, among others.

The manufacturing process uses simple technology, and the solution proposed by TIEGE is new and unique.

The ability to offer a solution focused on the client’s requirements, solution that is developed, designed and implemented by TIEGE is the great advantage of this company.

The offer of TIEGE

The products of TIEGE are the metal surface treatment plants, where we can identify the following major products:

* Galvanic treatment plants for :

  • Hot Zinc
  • Electrolytic zinc
  • Ni/Cr (Nickel/chromium)
  • Cataforésis
  • Anaforésis

* Treatment plant and powder painting and/or liquid paint settle for iron and/or aluminum by tunnel or tanks.

* Air Conveyors for painting finish plants

* Bridge-crane

* Current rectifiers for the galvanic industry

* Transformers for aluminum coloring

All the plants can be manual, fully or partially automated, always conceived by the purposes and needs of each client.

The entire project is ours: since the conception, fabrication, assembling and start up, maintenance and technical assistance.

Our typical clients

The target-market of TIEGE consists of industrial companies, mainly in engineering, that look for a solution in finishing the metalized parts that they produce and sell, such as iron and aluminum.

The motto of TIEGE

TIEGE has a team of professionals committed in to the customer satisfaction, as so as all the plants and equipments are built not only in our success but also, and mainly, in the success of our customers in their business.