QREN Project

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With this project TIEGE aims to strengthen its position in the market of metal surface treatment structures, increasing their qualification.

This is a project that fit the objectives and priorities defined in the SI Qualification SME, whose investments aimed at strengthening the dynamic factors of competitiveness defined by the company, including Trading and Marketing, ITC, and vocational training of its employees.

Concession contract of financial incentives under the system of incentives for qualifying and internationalisation of SMES.

(Ordinance No. 1463/2007 of 15 November, as amended by Ordinance No. 250/2008, of April 4)


  • Contract:2008/2004
  • Promotor:TIEGEINDUSTRIA – Equipamentos Industriais, SA.
  • Global Investment:197.776,92€
  • Non repayable subsidy:68.858,02€