Structure for Electroplating

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Electroplating is an electrolytic process that consists in coating metallic surfaces with other more noble metals, by electrolysis. The aim of this treatment is to protect the metal parts against corrosion and also give a better aesthetic and decorative finish.

TYPES OF ELECTROPLATING, can be cold, heated and electrolytic.

Some galvanic processes:

 Chromium plating

 Nickel plating

 Zinc plating

 Silver plating

 Gold plating

 Top Coats (sealants)

- Anodising

Anodizing is a process in which the surface of a metal, usually aluminium, is converted, by electrolytic oxidation, in a protective coating. It can be understood as the opposite to electroplating. In this case there is the conversion of an aluminium surface that integrates with the metal itself, which gives it an excellent adherence.

TIEGE has a wide experience in this area and has over 35 years of practice. We have sold structures not only in Portugal, but in other countries such as Spain, Angola and Brazil.