Painting Structures

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Structure for the treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, through the application of the paint powder or liquid.

Powder coatings are widely applied in the surface treatment industry due to the well known 5 E's:

. Excellence of Finish

. Ease of Application

. Energy Savings

. Economy

. Ecology

This type of treatment includes not only the treatment itself, with the application of the paint powder or liquid, but also the preparation of the parts to be treated.

The pre-treatment of the pieces before the coating is essential to ensure the best quality in the final product. The type of pre-treatment varies according to the type of material we are dealing with and can be applied with sprinkler cups or tunnels.

TIEGE has a wide experience in this area, with equipment sold in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Tunisia, Cape Verde.

This type of structures can be manual, automatic or semi-automatic. Always elaborated according to the needs and objectives of each client, with a turnkey solution.